About Neon Cherry


Oh hi there, welcome to 'Neon Cherry' it's so fab to have you here! We're all about finding joy from the inside out through style and body confidence, so if that's the kinda good stuff you're after then stick around. 

Neon Cherry was founded by stylist Jenni Eyles (that's me) and is based right here in Adelaide. I'm the kinda gal who believes in stepping into your life NOW, no waiting, no looking back and no regrets. I'm here to help you feel good about yourself! 

One thing I know for sure is that style transcends age and size so at Neon Cherry we aim to be inclusive and empowering. 

I'm here to help women feel confident, we'll do that together through clothes, kind words, empowering words and relatable topics shared.

Neon Cherry clothing is cut for curves and is a true reflection of my signature style. I design the pieces I dream of wearing, no matter my size or age!

Whether you are plus size or not we believe all bodies deserve beautiful clothing so let us elevate your style in quality pieces available in sizes 12-22. We're here to help you shine brightly and get out the door each day with confidence.

Confidence is an inside job, BUT the clothes we wear can lift us when we’re not exactly feeling our confidence spark. Our clothes, even our hair and makeup can gives us the extra pep in our step and are the ‘cherry’ on top.

The Neon Cherry Community is your lifestyle community so don't be a moll and support the shit outa each other, ok! 

So come along for the ride, let's have some fun!

Shine bright neon babes!

Love Jen x