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I’ve been plus size for most of my adult life, and for most of my adult life I have struggled to find clothes that speak to my personal style personality. I have been relegated to the back corners of department stores where clothes are slung on racks with no thought to beautiful merchandising and mannequins don’t represent my body shape. I have also been made to feel ‘less than’ by marketing and media. I mean c’mon, when will marketing realise that no matter what our size or stage of life we all need cute clothes?!

What we really want from plus size brands

I am tired of walking into stores and seeing cute, stylish, on trend clothing for straight sized women and a tonne of shapeless, boring and bland clothing for my plus size sisters. And don’t get me started on the hideous prints.

Oh yes I hear ya. Having been everything up to a size 24 I hated the garish prints, unflattering prints and poorly placed prints. I mean, not all body shapes and personalities suit prints either.

Shapeless and baggy garments are old hat, they really don’t belong in mainstream fashion. We want curves, shape, length where it’s needed, on trend design features and clothes that fit. It’s really not too much to ask.

I want designers to consider a woman’s body, really consider it and to consider how they want women to feel in their garment.

 Enough is enough, ok!

Do what you do and and do it well

Plus size fashion in Australia has come a long way, there are most definitely trailblazers and labels accommodating for those of us who want style at any size.

I think we need to remember that not all labels need to ‘everything to everybody’. I don’t expect all labels to do it ALL, do some of it but do it bloody well and we will find the rest somewhere else.

If you are all doing ‘some’ of what we want and nailing it, then heck we have half a chance. We will nail getting dressed each day.

How we can take back our power?

As consumers we need to shop around, get informed, hire help, let go of outdated ideals like sizing labels and finding everything in one place. We need to tweak a garment to suit our shape and personality. We need to remember that not all labels need to stock all sizes and all styles. Let’s give them half a chance. We need to support the labels that are supporting us.

Being plus sizedoes not define me

I may be plus size, but I am worthy. My size does not define me…and it shouldn’t define my style. If I love something I give it a go, sure I may have to tweak a style a little to accommodate my curves and extra rolls but I am done wearing clothes that don’t speak to me.

Life is too short to feel uncomfortable in your own skin…and your clothes. So, these days I give less fucks and just go for it. Remember ladies, life isn’t perfect but your outfit can be!

Love  kindnes

Jen x



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