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While some of you love to shop in-store there’s times when online shopping can serve a purpose and be super handy. There’s many reasons why ladies prefer to shop online, we can all be time poor and sometimes just don’t have time to get in-store, you may live quite a distance from your nearest store, you might be ill or laid up, you might not like crowds, or maybe you are juggling a family…whatever the reason online shopping is convenient.

However for some ladies online shopping can be a little nerve wracking, but it needn’t be, I have put together some tips to get you through your online shopping experience with ease. Grab a cuppa and read on.


Shopping online is made easier if you know your size. Ladies it’s time to arm yourself with a measuring tape, strip down to your underwear and get to know your body. Size is just a number but get the number wrong and you’ll end up looking and feeling uncomfortable, if you get number then you’ll look and feel fabulous. I know which one I prefer.

You are who you are (so accept who you are right now today) but getting your numbers right is going to ensure you get the most flattering fit and look smoking hot.

You can check out the NEON CHERRY SIZE GUIDE here.


I always like to zoom in and get a close up look of a fabric to see the texture and colour. Look for things like zips and waistbands, where pockets or ties sit. Are the sleeves loose or is there a button closure, are there side splits, what’s the rear view really like? Look at the height and size of the model and where hems, sleeves and leg lengths sit on her.

If you are 5ft and she is 6ft there’s going to be a difference in the way it will look on you. Look at the detail in prints, sometimes prints look fabulous from a distance but get up close and you might cringe. On the flipside sometimes I’ve zoomed in and been sold on the detailing I’ve seen.


Always check your payment details and confirmation details, I like to screen shot mine (snap a photo on Ipad or mobile), shopping late at night can mean tired eyes so sometimes you can make mistakes. You will receive a confirmation email of payment or a dispatch notice and even a postal delivery tracking number.

Don’t forget to factor in shipping costs, when I take into consideration getting dressed, driving to a shop and dealing with crowds, the shipping cost is soooo worth it. You can’t put a price on being able to shop in your pyjamas, in bed… with a cuppa. Can you?


We all know that sinking feeling when we try something on and it just isn’t right. We want to feel amazing in our clothes and not get stuck with something that will hang in the back of our wardrobe taunting us, so always check the returns policy because if you purchase then you are agreeing to those terms. You can see the NEON CHERRY RETURNS POLICY here


It’s pretty easy to get carried away popping items in your cart, there’s so many pretties online but before you know it you take a peek at your running total and realize you might need to take a second mortgage out on the house. Slow down, before you press ‘purchase’ and ask yourself a few questions first.

Ask yourself will your intended items work back with what’s in your wardrobe? Will they be versatile? Are they easy to care for? Are they appropriate for the season? Will it really flatter your figure or are you envisioning yourself as the model on the site? I sometimes get confused and think I’m her LOL.

If budgeting isn’t your strong point or you have an unexpected outfit to purchase (maternity/return to work/event) then look at using AFTERPAY.


Sign up to receive emails, most companies are respectful and won’t spam your inbox but subscribing can pay off BIG time for you. Specials, sales, birthday vouchers, VIP events and coupon codes are all something you want and these come via e-mail. Some sites also send out blog updates or newsletters so hand over your e-mail. A good tip is to create an e-mail account purely for your shopping subscriptions. You can SUBSCRIBE TO NEON NEWS here



When online you can narrow down your search and save time by clicking on a specific item category. Don’t forget to check out the sale section as there are usually great bargains to be had. You will also find terms and conditions, blog posts and much more in tabs (either in the footer, in the header or to one side)


You’ve all seen it when people fly into a rage and let their thoughts spill out via a key board…those nasty online rants/brain farts. When shopping online, please remember your manners, I always like to give a company an opportunity to rectify a problem because people don’t go out of their way to give poor service, mistakes happen.

Be fair, use your manners and you’re more likely to have a problem resolved.

We all love to receive good feedback, so if you’re happy with the service then send some love their way.

I hope you enjoyed these tips, keep them handy for the next time you need to shop online.

Love & kindness

Jen x



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