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Do you have a Christmas tradition? I have a few and making these 'no bake' pudding balls each year is one of them. I’m the sharing and caring type so here’s my ‘recipe’, go forth and enjoy!

Let's make pudding balls

Grab 1 light fruit cake…home-brand is more than alright.

Break it up and pop into a mixing bowl, personally I use my Kitchen Aid bench mixer with the dough hook attached.

Now pimp it out! This is where you get to add some yummy ‘extras’ like shredded coconut, cherries, nuts, cranberries…whatever you fancy, chuck it all in there.

Add a good splodge of port or if the kiddies are going to be tucking in use orange juice instead. Just enough to help bring it all together. (start with 2 tbsp. and go from there)

Time to get the hands dirty

NOW… time to turn on the mixer or get your hands in there and mush it all into a large ball making sure all ingredients are fairly evenly distributed.

Roll into bite sized balls and place on a lined tray and into the freezer for at least an hour. The colder they get the better.

Melt a packet of chocolate melts…I like to use dark or white.

Remove balls from freezer and pop a ball onto a spoon and into the chocolate, roll around until covered in chocolate and lift spoon away from bowl of melted chocolate.

My pro tip

As you roll the ball off the spoon and onto a tray drag your spoon over the top of the ball towards you…this leaves a little flick of chocolate on the top instead of across the tray and looks quite professional.

Repeat and refrigerate…if you want to get fancy pants melt a little chocolate and pop in a plastic zip lock back, snip the corner and drizzle over choc coated balls. If your Pudding Balls are dark chocolate then drizzle white chocolate and vice versa. You can also crush some candy canes in a mortar and pestle and roll the top of your balls in that.

Now, keep some for yourself and pop the rest into jars to gift.

Merry Christmas Neon Babes!

Jen x

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