Best ever no bake Christmas pudding balls

    christmas pudding balls set amongst christmas presents
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    Do you have a Christmas tradition? I have a few and making these 'no bake' pudding balls each year is one of them. I’m the sharing and caring type so...

    How To Wear a Work Skirt (even when you're not at work!)

    Plus size lady with short blonde hair wearing kneel length black skirt and cream and bronze polka dot shirt.
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    You ladies asked for a work skirt that is comfy but not boring and just because you wore it to the office doesn’t mean it can’t do double duty at a fancy dinner or coffee date.

    Layer, layer, like a player!

    Plus size lady wears black chiffon cape with black linen pants and is standing in front of a staircase.
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    When the seasons change I am all about layering, this means I can add or peel off layers and feel comfortable while also looking stylish. I also love to wear layers to...

    Plus Size Women Are Worthy Of More

    plus size lady wearing black shirt walking off steps and onto a beach
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    I’ve been plus size for most of my adult life, and for most of my adult life I have struggled to find clothes that speak to my personal style personality. I have been relegated to the back corners of department stores where clothes (click pic to read more)

    For the love of a slouch pant.

    plus size lady standing in front of a wall with hands in pockets. She wears khaki slouch pants and black bamboo tee with statement necklace.
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    I know many of you have a strong love affair with the Stella slouch pants, and I also know some of you are unsure about wearing/trying a slouch pant. I get that, so let’s explore some ways to wear and style them. (click pic to read more)

    Oh Hey Little Lily Tank

    Plus size woman with short blonde hair wears black linen pants, white bamboo tank , white sneakers and dark sunglasses. She is standing in front of a leafy plant in a villa in Bali.
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    Oh hey little Lily tank. You may look simple and basic but oh baby you are so much more! If there is a piece in the Neon Cherry clothing collection that you just must have, it’s the Lily tank. So what makes Lily great? (click pic to read more)

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